Jnana Yoga

Jnana means knowledge.

It is a knowledge which gives moksha. It is most difficult path of yoga. If practitioner have great strength of will and wisdom about yoga, then only he can go with jnana yoga.

Practitioner can go to Jnana Yoga with the help of fallowing character.


By this character one can identify real and unreal, truth and false.

Samadhan (Satisfaction)

By one should have satisfaction what he has or he gate.

Kshama (Patience)

By that he does not have any anger about anybody, and have calmness.

Shraddha (Trust)

By that one should have faith on god, super power or teacher.

Vairagya (Detachment)

By that mind should be fully detached from all sorts of pain and pleasure.

Dama (Control)

One should have control over all his senses. Like anger, sex, anxiety, taste.

By jnana yoga one can achieve meditative strength and wisdom as well.

In Jnana yoga, a person derives his knowledge and his awareness through meditation. Meditation will help the person find rational answers to all questions that are in nature, body and mind. With the help of Janna yoga, one can realize knowledge about atman that is self and Brahman that is ultimate self by that one can achieve moksha which is the ultimate aim of person.

Janna yoga is contraindicated for mentally ill person.