Mandukasana OR Bhekasana

(Frog Pose)


  • From sitting position come in Vajrasana (thunderbolt Pose) position.
  • Make fists of both hands with thumb inside the fingers.
  • Place both fists in front of naval as in image 1.
  • Exhale and with sucking the belly inside, press fists to naval and bend forward.
  • Tuck chin to the floor.
  • Hold position for 30 secs to 2 min as per capacity.
  • Repeat this for three to four times.

Releasing Procedure

  • Straighten spine, release fists.
  • Relax arms and come to the Vajrasana.

Beginners Tip

  • In beginning sit on folded blanket or pillow for comfort.
  • Stretch stomach as per capacity. Don’t push much to maintain the pose for longer period.

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Knee or ankle injury
  • Peptic or duodenal ulcer
  • Severe back pain
  • Cardiac problem
  • Abdominal pain
  • Recent abdominal surgery
  • High blood pressure Insomnia
  • Migraine

Benefits of Mandukasana

  • Main benefit of mandukasana is in diabetes patient, as it increases the quantity of insulin.
  • It stretches, make flexible and gives strength to abdominal, Thorax, Ankle, Groin, Throat, thighs, and hips muscles.,
  • It stimulates and improve the function of abdominal organs.
  • It improves the functioning of digestive system, excretory system, cardiovascular, reproductive system.
  • Reduces extra fat from thighs, hips and abdomen so useful in obesity.
  • It is helpful to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Calms mind.
  • Useful in dysmenorrhea, flat feet.
  • Release knee pain in gout and heels pain in calcaneal spurs.
  • Give strength to back muscles, spine and Improve posture.

Preparatory Poses

  • Vajrasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Ustrasana
  • Supta Virasana

Follow-up Poses

  • Padmasana
  • Ustrasana