Plavini Pranayama (Floating Pranayama)

Sanskrit word plavini means floating. Plavini Pranayama is special breathing technique by which the practitioner can experience feelings of floating on a river or water body.


  • In the beginning, practice Plavini Pranayama in in meditation pose (Padmasana, Siddhasana or Vajrasana). With practice, it can be performed in standing or lying posture as well.
  • Concentrate on the area between eyebrows, close eyes and relax whole body.
  • Inhale gradually and deeply through nostril and fill air into the belly.
  • Retained air fills the intestines and form Jalandhar bandh as per capacity.
  • Relax the jalandhara bandha and then exhale slowly through both nostril.
  • Repeat the process 5 times and increase as per capacity.
  • Plavini pranayama increase the capacity of body to sustain life for many days without food and water.
  • Regular practice of Plavini pranayama helps to gains the power to float on the water.
  • During Plavini Pranayama the blood flows very rapidly in the body and help to remove accumulated toxins.
  • It helps to relax mind, body and to decrease stress.
  • Plavini Pranayama is an advance pranayama and requires extreme level of practice and proper guidance.
  • Breathing should be always through the nose and follows a slow and rhythmic beat