Viloma Pranayama

In viloma pranayama breathing done with several pause, thus inhalation and exhalation done longer time than normal breathing.

  • Sit comfortably in meditation pose (Padmasana, Siddhasana or Swastikasana) with erect spine.
  • Following are the different type of viloma pranayam
  • Type 1 – Exhale quietly and start interrupted inhalation, inhale for 2-3 secs and stop for 2 -3 secs, again start inhalation. In this way, with 3-5 pause complete inhalation until lungs are full. After each pause, do not lose the diaphragm. Now Slowly exhale, without steps till the lungs feel empty. This is one cycle of viloma pranayama type 1.
  • Type 2 –Take a deep inhalation smoothly and completely then exhale in steps, with 2-4 pause till the breath has been fully expelled. This is one cycle of viloma pranayama type 2.
  • Type 3 -Exhale and start interrupted inhalation, complete inhalation with 3-5 pause and then complete exhalation with 3-5 pause. This is one cycle of viloma pranayama type 3.
  • In beginning Repeat viloma cycle in between 2-3 cycle of normal breathing and gradually increase cycle.
  • Do not overstrain.
  • Patient with high blood pressure or heart disease should take proper guidance, type 2 viloma cycle is more suitable for them.
  • It increases lung capacity, help to relive from respiratory disorder.
  • It is useful in pregnancy for easy labor.